17 March 2006

Emotions and Friendship

Emotions. Sometimes good, sometimes not. This week I was attacked by happy fairies. In a way it's good. I know I don't spend enough time thinking about the good things and actually allowing myself to experience joy. This week I was fortunate enough to get to know a new friend and it's so wonderful because I had been thinking recently I needed a new friend. A friend who not only understands but accepts and can share in my geeky goofiness. I met J three weeks ago and we finally spent some time together this week because he was in Dallas. We have talked and messaged like crazy and I am so tired that my eyes are crossed. I have had such a great week! But eventually all good things have their end. The sirens of sadness always catch up to me. J had to go back home and home is far away. I am not down in the dumps, drag my feet depressed or anything that severe but I do miss him.

Friendship is such an important part of life and sometimes I know I take it for granted. To all of you who are my friends, new or old, know that I love you and care for you all deeply. You are a wonderful group of people and thank you so much for putting up with me.
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