21 March 2006

I grew up

Many things have been learned in the past 365 days and I think these are the most important.

1) God loves me.
No nothing new here but acceptance of the truth is crucial to understanding it. There is nothing I did or that I can do to change that fact and I have decided to gain my security in life from this most basic truth.

2) I need to love me.
Insecurity and low self-esteem are not inviting qualities. These are not things others see in you and want to be around. I need to be more confident in the abilities that I have and secure in who and whose I am. If I remember number 1 I will be able to be satisfied with myself no matter my status in life.

3) To love others 1 and 2 must be carried in my heart.
I will not be able to give to others in a genuine manner if I don't love God or respect myself. I have been trying and it really does not work the way I want it to.

3 simple things yet it has taken me this long to grasp the importance.
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