29 March 2006

Attack of the Geek

Well as of late I have had a certain "otaku" on my mind. I have made more than one reference to him and will continue to do so for a while. Weird, just like any other woman a Antonio Banderas, Taye Diggs, Ben Affleck type will turn my head and make me think things I should not but when it comes down to it, the geek is the one who will steal my heart. Not that the current otaku has but that is generally the way it works. I recently bought a gift for a friend on J!NX and was put in touch with my own inner geek. I am really only a geek because it is geeky to want to be one as bad as I do. I'm such a nerd that I went to, get this, Science and Engineering Magnet High School. One of those places you had to apply to get into and get letters of recomendation and all that jazz (I actually used to be quite smart). In any case all of this pointless rambling is because I am going to post this stuff.

if you understand shirt #3, grab a pocket protector and tape your glasses. YOU are a nerd.

Remember: 42 is the answer... and live long and prosper. Ai out.
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