01 February 2006

This Time of Year

So yeah, here I am. I know it's been a while but I've been a complete blank lately. I guess it's true, alcohol does kill your brain cells. I still don't have anything important to say but I did have a fun idea I thought I would share.

As we all know it's that time of year again that many people dread for the sheer fact that this materialistic, commercial western world of ours has dictated that we show our loved ones how much we care about them by buying them all kinds of useless trinkets. And it really stinks considering it is only 7 weeks after we just did the same thing at Christmas. The only difference is the religious meaning behind the one and switching out green for pink or white in your retail settings.

*Sigh* As you can tell I am a bit... well how shall I say this? It's not that I don't like Valentine's Day, I rather enjoy writing cards and poems and things for my friends but I am very blah about it as a commercialized whole. Let's stop right there and clear the air: NO I am not just complaining because I don't have a special someone this year or because I am dark-hearted and bitter. No I am just complaining because that my dear friends is what I do.

Ah well, in spite of my dark feelings about this whole Cupid Cuddling Craziness thing I thought I would spend the next few days reflecting on what Love is to me. Just a few words maybe with... OH just read it.
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