27 August 2014

let's talk about: stuff

Well hello there interwebs, I'm here today for a moment to introduce a series, segment, something or other thing. I'm not sure what to call it exactly other than the title I've given it: "Let's Talk About...". 

Yes, I know it smacks of unoriginality, desperation, the hope of attracting new readers and fill in snarky comment here. In any event after nine years of writing here I think I'm finally finding my voice. There are times, even though this is my area to freely express myself that I hold back and I think it's time I stop that and start talking like me. Soooooo... 

Whenever I feel like chiming in on a timely topic or a new interest pops up, I'll tag it with this headline and go from there. Maybe it will start a dialogue or maybe it will just sit here until something crazy happens in my life and people Google me to see what I was thinking. Eh. In any event, I like to talk so Let's Talk About stuff.

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