14 August 2014

i dare you

I may hang my head, but it is only to weep
I may release pained tears, but I am not weak
I may not be who you think I should be
But that is not my concern because I was born to be free

I will take in this environment with all its caustic air
And yet I will choose to breathe out life and love and care
No one ever told me that this life would be fair
And so I walk with caution, facing each day like a dare

You'll look at me time and again and make unrealistic demands
To accept you with your faults and give you chance after chance
But if I'm ever amiss, I'll have to raise my hands
And hope against all hope that this is not my last dance

I am a human just like you, being
I want my generations to have a future worth seeing
So can we all decide to no longer defend
This deathly hatred between us because of the difference of our skin?

©2014 Aisha Nichole Willis
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