31 July 2014

thinking out loud

Although I'm not likely to start a novel anytime soon, I would like to write and publish at least one in my lifetime. It's definitely a dream.

I'm in love with good story-telling and want to produce worthwhile stories. I take it pretty seriously.

I am writing down every single, stinking idea I have because I don't know which one will lead to the corridor that takes me into a great hall of story goodness. After all you never know what will catch on.

What do I mean? Put simply:

If freaking Twilight can be a thing, like seriously a massive thing that's a burgeoning genre THING, then surely I can write something that people will connect with.

And let's not forget the disgustingly famous fan-fiction-turned-best-seller that spawned from Twilight, the Fifty Shades thing.

Really? Both.
Best-sellers. Movies. (how does one make a 50 Shades movie that isn't considered pornography?)
Award-winning authors?


I've decided, if that could happen, then surely I can do this!

And I God help me, I can do it better.
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