13 September 2012

buy the lie, subscribe to issues

Buying lies requires expensive currency. It takes the currency of the soul and spirit which affects what is done with the body. How expensive is this currency? According to 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 "you are not your own, you were bought at a price" The life and blood of Jesus not only purchased you but gave you a redeeming value that is unable to be counted, measured or quantified.

Take a moment a reflect on the the authority you had in your purest form in the garden of Eden. Who you were before the first lie was bought bringing its subscription to a myriad of issues that are still being sorted out. You could call something forth, name it and give it purpose. This authority was restored to you, when you accepted Jesus as Lord and you were reconciled into the family of God. This is the power of the Holy Spirit inside you; your original intended state.

The enemy of your soul will spin whatever set of lies he has to in order to keep you distracted. The lies, the wickedness of partial truths that make darkness seem as though it is good. He does not want you to know the power you possess in a place of surrender unto God. Isaiah 30:8-17 is a grim reminder of what we are capable of doing when misled by deception. This is the destruction the enemy wants us to fall into. But God's love is greater than any lie and His desire is to restore and heal us, to bring us into Him. Isaiah 30:18-26 shows His graciousness and love, how He longs to bless us! God's love, His truth is the only thing that can free us from the issues of bondage brought by the subscription to "The Daily Lie" I choose to change my subscription based on scriptures like John 3:16-17 which is evidence of His love and the truth that makes us free! (John 8:31-32)

Picture Credit: PMActionItems, "Got Issues?" found on CafePress.com
(Originally written June 21, 2010 in my journal. Again it encouraged me so I wanted to share)
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