20 November 2011


My heart longs to cry out in memory of you
To be warmed by your fire
The remembrance of the light you brought to life in me
yet you are so far and distant, removed, in a haze

But in that distant place you too long to be reconnected to me
for only with me can you be fulfilled

No other has what is inside me
If another were to attempt to take my place the product would be a forgery,
a cheap imitation, a false representation of what should be

Because I am for you solely as much as you are for me only

I will now seek to find you that I may fulfill the purpose for which I was sent
Will you come back to me though I sent you away?
Can we be reconciled for the greater mission?

Oh how I have missed you my dearest friend
won’t you come back to me my dream again?

written: 12/17/2010
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