14 November 2011

change challenge

Sometimes things have to change. You may want to continue on the same course but you know to get a new perspective you have to climb up to a higher place. From a higher place you can see more of what's before you.
Some change around you may come outside of what you can control and some change may be by your initiation but when you know it has come upon you, make the change. Dawdling is not attractive, people do not make it their life ambition to be friends with someone who cannot commit, someone who will not take a risk and try something different.
Somehow you have to find the courage, the strength of character to move forward. Decide to believe what you speak if you are a "faith-talker" and step out in faith. Walk out the course laid before and trust that the new challenge or change before you is the way that was prepared for you long ago.
Today, I'm tired of talking and I want to see and live in the season of change that has been prepared for me. It's not going to change until I decide to do something about it. I will make the changes and accept the new challenges before me. This time is so special and I do not want to miss it because of a fear.
I am taking back my dream.
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