19 June 2016

Memory of a Kiss

Red Lips Isolated in White, Creative Commons

I’m still haunted by the memory of your lips
Our last gentle kiss
When the heat radiated from your eyes
And emanated from your fingertips
Which danced along my arms
While across my heart, so did your charms

Those deep brown eyes pulled me in
And I was tempted by you, like you were a sin
Waiting all day just to hear your voice
To experience your stories, I made a choice
I believed for a moment, all too brief
In the reality of a you and me

You, of course, turned out to be a thief
My heart carried in your capable hands
And just like an elegant and eloquent rogue
You talked me out of my affections
And for all of my walls and impenetrable protections
I still surrendered willingly to your directions

And then it was too late
At this point, I sealed my unfortunate fate
I dared step into your arms for a dance
Lulled by your hypnotic rhythm, your advance
Intimately connected by a shy glance
In the grip of your wiles, I never had a chance
Now, my soul bears scars with your resemblance

And now here I am alone, no sleep
The evidence of your presence kept in the deep
Shadowy parts of my heart and mind
Those places time doesn’t shine
And darkness doesn’t pass
To your memory, I raise this glass
Which holds the imprint of my lips
And so do you
Your body and your soul still hold my kiss

(c) 2016 Aisha Nichole Willis
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