02 February 2015

in between


One of my favorite things when I watch anime is the cool bumps before and after the commercial break. Some of the more memorable ones for me are from Fairy Tail, Outlaw Star and Excel Saga. If you've ever seen these shows, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

In any event, this post is a bump to set up the next entry. It was a story for my feature writing class last semester. The assignment was a 850-word autobiography about an event that shaped you, changed you, anything that made a good story.

Obviously, I was the main source but we had to provide a minimum of two other sources. I asked two of my friends/ mentors to tell me about myself. The experience was enlightening.

I often think it would be such a treat to get to see myself through the eyes of those who believe in me and encourage me. This is especially true when I'm having a moment of weakness, doubting my abilities. In interviewing these two women, my wish came true. I saw an Aisha that I could honestly say I was proud of and humbled to be.

Not all of what was shared comes out in the story, but I have the memories of what was said tucked away in my mind for rainy days. I decided to post the story because the one person, other than my professor, to read it said it may encourage others. That’s my weakness, an opportunity to encourage.

I could not decide whether to call it "The Making of a Writer" or "The Breaking of a Writer" so it's "The Breaking and Making of a Writer: a Scene From the Life of Aisha Willis".  Ridiculously long I know, but I have a tendency to like words. My final draft came in at 1,168 words- just a wee bit over the limit.
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