28 August 2011

well i declare

I am a leader, whether or not the world and their hierarchal systems ever deems me manager worthy, does not in any way shape of form remove God-given leadership from me. I am more than a conqueror and an overcomer. Every battle I am facing right now is with purpose and God has this all covered.

Fear does not get to cohabitate here anymore; spirit you are not dealing with the same weakling that I thought I was earlier this summer, the beloved warrior, precious jewel in His crown has awoken in me. Those old tricks will no longer work here, I am kicking you out and will declare the truth, not the lies you want me to believe.

Over the course of the next several months the transformation within me will continue and some may not even recognize me; however, those who have seen my prophetic destiny and who have been encouraging me along that path will see the fruit of their prayers. In the lives of each one of us God is radically reforming and reframing us for what is to come. There are some kingdom assignments we have been given, influence in places we thought we lost it but God redeemed it and wants us to go forward according to His plan ans strategy! I can hardly contain my smile. It's time to do this now!
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