02 July 2011

decide to fight

There are times you simply have to fight. Though I consider myself to have a very good life and not have faced many external challenges from a reasonable and logical standpoint, I can despite a “tough” exterior be a trembling emotional mess. If you have not spent much time with me (or not read more than one entry on this page) you may think differently, trust me though it can get pretty bad :)

I say all that to state this- be willing to fight for your dreams and your life. And seriously go ahead and visualize yourself with a black eye, bloody nose, cuts on your knuckles and a hole or two through your precious skin. This is in no way meant to be a negative statement or visualization however in my mind, I am strengthened to know that when I feel like this and like I am on the mat with nothing left to give, the Holy Spirit does not throw in the towel to stop the fight but He arises within me to remind me that this battle, painful as it may be is already fixed in my favor.

I have heard people minister and say that you should not have to fight or face a challenge so strong that you want to give up. Unfortunately I have dealt with a good deal of condemnation attempting to process this idea through my legalistic mind; remember I am an emotional type. Then I hear that Voice whisper resoundingly in my head reminding me of not only who I am but Whose I am. My thought then becomes “what in the world version of the Bible are they reading, the HSV (Human Standards Version?)

Yes it is true that there were times God sent His angels to war on behalf of His Israelite army and not one sword was raised on their side but there are many examples of them going to war and cutting down the opposition in battle. As you study the Word it is obvious to see almost every father and mother of the faith that we hero-ize dealt with some great battle. After all, this is one of the reasons we are so attracted to them. I personally do not know anyone who at their core does not like to experience a story where a person, group, team or organization overcomes great adversity to become victorious.

There it is again, the idea of victory- doesn’t it make your heart pound? You may not like physical fighting but you have probably seen a movie centered on it, and enjoyed it. It was not the blood pouring out of the protagonist’s mouth as they were being pummeled, it was the fact that they overcame to either win or at least realize some sort of dream challenge. If the fighting reference is not your thing, what about movies that deal with a person or people group coming together with others for a great cause of justice for all or human rights, awareness or a stand for morality amid social depravity. It is a different kind of fight but the same story is told and it is the same story for you; the desire to overcome the odds and every obstacle that comes between you and your dream. To stand victorious in the place you were meant to stand or have that thing you were destined to have.
So the next time you feel as though all you can taste is the floor and that your teeth are being worn down by the dirt being kicked in your face remember, it is a part of this life journey to fight but the best news is that you have the Greatest Trainer in history and that you always, always, always come out as the winner!

1 John 5:4-12; Revelation 12:11
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