18 May 2011

breathe life

From where, O man did you receive your breath? From My divine “lungs” I am your life and I breathed My love, grace and authority into you. All are attributes of life. My Son, My Beloved, Holy One restored this to you fully; if only you would choose to accept His mind, His peace. You are all mine and I accepted you. When you declared that you would have Me as Lord, all that was lost was regained because you made a connection with My loving restoration power. I have indeed given you everything you need for life and godliness because you are reconciled to Me and once again look like Me. You are My image.
If My breath from Me to you brought life, you who are made in My image, what will My breath in you bring to someone else? Life is to be shared, abundant life multiplied. Find life in Me, I Am life. I still breathe on you; life is in you, within you, breaking out. Do not be afraid of My breath within you or of the breath of others, which is a whirlwind. Take in My breath and speak to their whirlwind and call it into order. Do not run from the strong winds that come against you, breathe Me in and I will teach you how, what, when and if you are to speak. Breathe Me in, reach for Me and I will teach you.
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