16 June 2011

shift gears: revive

The time is now; a shift just occurred; we absolutely can take back this world.
He has prepared us for now, worship and praise, lift up an atmosphere that resurrects dreams from graves. Take hold of the word He has planted in you, wrestle with it until you know it’s true.
Then run with this vision, gain strategy and plan, get in position to receive His victory and stand. Unable to be moved, bathed in radiant light, and your eyes set on Him, you just won this fight!
Now take this anointing wherever you go, be mindful not to hinder the flow.
What you have at hand is the 1st sphere that will change and catch like a fire with effects at long range. Keep your passion alive and in Jesus be true you will witness the birthing of life brand new.
Do not settle for what was, refuse to face defeat, take it all back in Jesus, our Commander and King!
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