01 May 2011

today is great

Good morning world! It is a new day today and although I awoke with a swirl of emotions I would rather believe do not exist within me anymore, I know that today is destined to be great. Emotions though a gift are not meant to be spent as the currency of daily living. I am responsible for what I pay out to others around me. Today I choose to pour out love, kindness, generosity and peace because the Lord poured these into me. These come from Him pure and sweet, I will not let uncertainty, doubt or fear attempting to rise up flavor the fruit so that it is bitter when I share it with someone else. I also refuse to the this swirl become a whirlwind that pulls somone else in and harms or tires them.

No today is a day for great things to occur. I will walk through the door to mind change, fully repent and see the love of God that is within me encourage someone else. I will also be encouraged by others around me. This trick used to work on me, not today. Condemnation was also a covering I once wore, but today I choose to put on faith. Faith is another gift but it is a gift that brings life and I was called to carry and share life with others. I like that choice. Today is already a great day!
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