12 July 2006

I Am

As of late a certain friend of mine became a little jealous of my friendship with someone. All in good fun though, no one was hurt but AJ tracked down JR on my MySpace page and decided to ask a simple question. JR's response was so great I just had to post it. Enjoy the fun!


"Are you the scrawny white boy that replaced me?!"

- AJ


"I am the energy that flows through the sun and sheds light on the earth giving birth to each new day. I am the wind of a raging storm that howls as it cuts a path through the land then slows to a gentle breeze calming all who it touches. I am the words of the poets who lived in the ages of kings and reach across the centuries to touch the ears of man and pull tears from the eyes of the mighty. I am the enigmatic force that pulls the universe into a bottle and casts it into the sea of forever. I am many things, Love, trapped in the shell of a scrawny white boy....."

- JR

*not that it matters but "scrawny white boy" has everything to do with this bumper sticker:*

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