01 June 2006

Who Said?

On Monday I was able to relax and enjoy a partial day off. The joy of waking up and making pancakes from scratch... ahhh how wonderful it was. In any case, I was also able to watch an anime called Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo. Yes as the title implies it is a reworking of the Alexandre Dumas classic.

Phenomenally magnificent!

The animation is amazingly beautiful and sadly that description is not grand enough. An actual fashion designer was brought in on the drawing team. Seriously, click the link because I'll never be able to explain how cool the characters look.

The tag line of the show is "Bide your time and hold out hope." I love this admonition. Because I am adding it as my page quote I thought I would look up more quotes from the actual novel. This led me to BrainyQuote.com. All kinds of quotes can be found here so check it out and have some fun.
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