19 June 2006

It's a Girl (guitar)!!

Ladies and gentleman meet:

Tessa James

This beautiful piece is a Daisy Rock Stardust Elite Venus. I have liked this guitar for well over a year now and after playing it for the first time back in December I fell in love. Daisy Rock guitars are wonderfully crafted instruments that are designed with women and young girls in mind. As a result they are smaller, lighter, easier to manage and many are just pretty.

When I bought my semi-hollow guitar, I was not sure what name to bestow upon it but this time there was no doubt. Tessa is a character from the manga/ anime series "Full Metal Panic!" She is one of my favorite characters. I am sure it is her determination and desire to do what is right that makes her stand out to me. That, and well she is a 16 year old female genius that is the captain of a submarine! Of course, she is absolutely adorable too. After watching FMP! and FMP? Fumoffu! I saw this guitar and that name popped into my head.

The surname was added recently. James is... my muse. *blush*
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