05 August 2005

What's the Big Deal?

Three Letters: "G-T-A"
Two Words: "San Andreas"
One Phrase: "Hot Coffee"
"Mass Hysteria"

A bunch of paranoid, frustrated people with nothing better to do than sit back and complain. It's a game. It has a few pornographic scenes. You have to have a cheat code to get to the questionable content. The game came out at the end of last year I think. As recently as a month ago all this surfaces. Come on people. It is not in the main part of the game. All the other GTA games have massive sexual overtones in them and this one causes an uproar. It makes no sense to me. It has a MATURE ESRB rating. Leave it alone. Let it go.

Did I mention you get to steal and kill? And you get paid for it. Yes it's all in the game. The title GRAND THEFT AUTO. Oh well. It is definitely up to parents to be parents on this one. It's out there. If it were not this game it would be something else. Everyone just needs to get their knickers untwisted and chill. Play games, have fun. (Yeah, it is eay for me to say. No kids!!)
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