03 December 2014

Do I Matter?

This is the beginning of something- I do not think this is complete but it may be. Writing is how I process. Change is here, change is now. May God be with those who have suffered loss. May He continue to be patient as we are slow to learn.

The working title for this is I Matter

Everyday I feel I’m put on trial for existing
In this melanin-tinted skin I’m in

I never know when it could be the end
Because of the suspicion from years of traditions
That promoted fear when you saw my kin
Yes indeed, I’m about to go in

And though I’m known to be brilliant and witty,
and even on occasion, sometimes pretty
If I make a “wrong” move at an opportune time
What will be the narrative of my life?

Nothing of the truth will be what you find
Because posthumously will I be tried
With little evidence for every crime
And the story will state I was the one who defied

© Aisha N. Willis 2014

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