20 January 2011

breakout and breakthrough

Change, transition, vision, radical reformation and differences are upon you. February will see more for the kingdom. An awakening of the warrior within, the soldier who will go forth in battle and claim territory for the advancement of the Kingdom mindset and values. Soldiers no longer go forward with their own agenda as the objective but with the orders given by their Commanding Officer sent from the General under the Commander in Chief. His strategy, His plan to complete the conquest for which sent.
For some the battle has been for the possession of your own soul- living completely surrendered and submitted to God, walking with Him with the fruit of consistency in every place. This is the breakthrough coming for some. Peace and freedom, new knowledge and revelation of true godly identity and the power to walk it out.
For some this battle has long since been won, but there is an assignment that your C.O. gave you to carry out and you will see a breakout victory. Your territory (influence) is about to expand for the Kingdom. Maybe you have been ministering to someone and met with lots of resistance. Now in this season, not only will they see the truth of the light of Jesus, their families and others near them as well.
Still others, their anointing will be made manifest in such a way that there will be freedom to move forward and operate with their God-given authority. Just remain covered. The C.O., the Holy Spirit is stirring desires within us all. For some it is time to dream again because the summer will soon come and after that the harvest. Don’t miss your time to sow the dream seed and reap the harvest God has for you. His plan, His strategy. Move forward, go out in His name. He sent you to do that which you know He’s called you to… Live in it!
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