02 January 2011

happy new season

A time is coming and now is when it is time for God’s sheep to rise up as warriors. Get aligned in formation for the battles are ours. Go and take your sphere of influence! The preparation continues daily, but now is the time- Go forward in Him. Don’t be afraid- the Lord Himself goes before you in battle. He is also your rear guard. Persevere and press in and those battles that have seemed interminable will be over suddenly- a decisive victory, Glory to God!
Once the territory is yours, set up God alone as King. It was not by your power or might but by His Spirit, He wrought the victory. Unsaved loved ones who have been prayed for, for years upon years will come in and be sent out to destroy the dominion and prison of darkness from which they were just set free. Those bound by sickness will themselves see others set free from disease. Healing is pouring forth from the heavens in every place, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, reach up and grab what God has for you. Take hold of the need. But this is not for you alone… as you have freely received, freely give. Touch the heart of God by believing Him for something new and different.
Refuse to take these old hang-ups and issues with you anymore and experience the incredible FREEDOM God has already given you. You are His warrior, go forward expecting the victory. Step out according to His plan and see Him move in you and through you to move His Kingdom forward. I am with you beloved, mighty warrior, be not afraid. Tend my flock and make war on the specific enemy I have delivered into your hand.
My wars are won long before I send you into the actual battle- When I woke you up to pray and you obeyed, when I asked you to spend time with Me and not in front of the TV or tucked away from others and you obeyed. The times you fasted when My Spirit urged you. When you submitted to authority and you did not want to. When you humbled yourself and obeyed Me, you were fighting and winning battles. Now it’s time to go take the land in much the same way- Continue to pray but feel free to move forward boldly according to the strategy I have given you.
Let them know, no you do not want another liquor store in your neighborhood. No you do not want the schools teaching your kids that homosexuality is an okay lifestyle. No, you will not stand for the teaching (acceptance of the fact) that it is okay to worship with others like you only. Open your home to your neighbors and speak life to them. Live a life submitted to Me in humility, consider others and speak the word in every place.
Take back your family in My name. Determine that generational curses will go no further. Serve and give wholeheartedly. Serve- it is important- to receive, something has to be given. And believe, believe, believe- I am truly with you always.
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