01 February 2007


I just want this month to be over! Yeah you know why. Yes it is the obvious, that DAY right in the middle of the month that people get so excited about. Unlike last year I will not say I am not bitter, because I am! I still believe that "Love is..." all those things that I said last year but I'm tired of not having a special someone to share them with. I have my friends and family and I love them without measure. I actually am somewhat looking forward to making things for them for said DAY but ugh, I am tired of that whole love thing too. It is so overrated, yet my lonely heart wants to get itself involved with someone. It's not fair.

Someone please save me from myself and my useless daydreams of a wished upon Love.

Still there are some things I will share. But it will be different this time. (kind of)
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