16 October 2006


The only constant in life is change. Change is many times good and most times scary. Well I get scared anyway, when I cannot see how something is going to work out. In any case here are two of the recent changes:

  • Amazingly I still work at the airport but I am in a new department
  • I am moving at the end of this month (finally getting my own place, no roomates)

    I tend to get worried about the airport job because, well it still is not a stable position. I'll still be working at Sbux to get insurance and all that jazz so I'll still be working 2 jobs. I should just be grateful that I have work at all. It is not easy trying to find a good job.

    I am excited about my new place though. I'll be able to go home and do what I want without worrying about how it will affect someone else. I'll be able to have my friends over for dinner or drinks or games and anime or whatever the heck else I want. I will tell you this though, it is really hard packing. This is mostly because my mom and I are having to finally go through my grandmother's things. It's been four months and I still cry like a baby most days because I miss her so much. I'm keeping a few of her things such as t-shirts, shoes and her old robe. Her scent still remains in some of the items. In any case this part is no fun.

    Oh well soon enough I will be in my own place and getting to know myself. Scared? A little. Excited? A lot. Feeling guilty? Not one bit.
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