31 October 2006

Just a Girl

Well in the grand scheme of life I am only a woman. Nothing spectacular about me to keep you here by my side or to make you want to try harder to be with me. I am obviously rather easily replaced in your mind and did I ever make it to your heart? I had hoped. But just because you passed on this does not mean that somebody else won't turn up and I'll be able to be the star in that universe. No, I am not angry. My pride is wounded a bit and I could sit and sulk that you so easily forgot me or I could take what I learned and choose to grow. Yes that is what I'll do. I guess I have to finally move past you too. Thanks for the chapter that you helped me to write in this book called my life.

To explain:

I'll keep this simple. I wanted to be important to someone, I really did. I thought I had met someone special and for a short time he was but as much as I wanted to be with him there were certain things about me that I would not change and certain things about him that he would not change. Trust me I thought about it. I wanted to be with him. I also wanted to leave some sort of mark on him (you know that hope that it would be hard to get over me) but he has so already moved on and good for him. I am so glad that he is not like me in this respect and unable to let go of a relationship that was never really official. Today this is really bothering me. I keep writing in the hope that I will write it out of my system. I bear no ill will toward him and I really do hope for the best for him, I'm just sad that the best for him had nothing to do with me.


Now Aisha it really is past time to move on... Let's go!
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