19 December 2013

all the world's a stage

Florida Theater/ Devan Stuart
This is all a well thought out play. There are many scenes and acts occurring simultaneously on a grand stage. Open your eyes, see that you have to adjust and listen carefully to better play your part. Step to your mark alongside this cast and give the performance of your life!

Don't be afraid of every detractor who comes along the way. Even those on the stage with you. The ones who think they know better than the playwright/director. They aren't  listening anymore so they attempt to shame you and bring contempt but it is just a distraction.

Listen to those who have been on stage longer who know how to follow a good lead. The seasoned ones who help you to hone your craft, honor structure and guide you in discipline. They know how to go outside seeming confines without derailing the show. These make both you and the overall performance better.

Always remember and find strength in the fact the director chose you. He wants to work with you and groom you for greatness. Follow the script no matter what others say. It's an ancient play but the words are still powerful and alive.

Pay attention to the fire inside you as it resonates with the script. You've been given all you need. Get out there and give it your all; don't ever hold back!

Be assured many will find fault with your actions, timing, delivery, even your voice. But why step out on the stage in the first place? Is it really just for approval or is it because you're called to this? Are you solely looking for adoration or do you believe you have something to say and a part to play in a way that only you can portray it?

In the play of life will you try to please everyone in every crowd or will you simply trust the director, the value of the script, and the power of the fire within? You decide.
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