22 October 2010

wholly in pieces

This is a record of my prayer and study time this particular day and the revelatory vision that accompanied it during my fall vacation. I was spending time reading in Hebrews 5.

“Teach me Oh Lord and by the power of Your hand, make me whole.”
“What do you see?”
“Who do you see?”

It took a moment but I noticed it was me; however I looked very different- complete, whole; there was a wider smile that reached my eyes. I was healthier; dare I say feminine without being uncomfortable.

“What happened to me?”
“I healed you, will you accept it?”
“Have your way Lord, accomplish Your will.” But in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “I’m afraid this will hurt though.”

Then I saw a vision, somehow I knew the picture before me was my heart but it was out of order, turned on its side and the disjointed pieces were roughly stitched together. It looked crazy but it was my heart and it was as if my spirit, soul and body were a machine and the belt for it ran through my heart. Since my heart was so convoluted it was making me tired and wearing me out just to do the smallest things.

He spoke, “This is what happens when you try to help Me or you only partially allow Me in to work on you. Will you receive My healing that I have given you?”

“I am still somewhat afraid of the pain but yes Lord please have Your way.”

Then my heart’s pieces rolled over on themselves and moved into the proper place (alignment) and instantly it spread and it was as if the Holy Spirit pulsed within me and my heart was full and fully together, no stitching and the belt that ran the machine expanded my spirit outside the shell of my body and the Holy Spirit ran throughout and my soul (mind, will, emotions) was completely subject to Him. It was as if everything that entered me was filtered through the Holy Spirit as if He were my blood. Then after that the belt would carry it into my soul before my body had a chance to respond (no react.)

“Thank you Holy Spirit- the belt that moves through each is Truth.”

“This is the process of maturity, letting me heal you so that you see as I do and so that you can receive from Me as you should. You will not fly by the seat of your pants, doing what your first emotion dictates because of a physical reaction, such as a hurried word or facial expression. Discernment comes through Me. You have the foundation built strong and solid, I am maturing you in this area, let Me. Don’t give up or drift away- produce a useful crop, imitate those who are faithful in spirit, soul and body to me and yes just as I have for them, through your faith and patience, you too will inherit My great and precious promises.”
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