12 January 2014

extra! extra!

Image: business2community.com
Guess who's an official sob sister, newshawk? Your 1920s slang a little rusty? As of Friday I was offered a position as a news reporter with The Shorthorn, the University of Texas at Arlington's official and award-winning student publication.

Although I've enjoyed writing for many years I have never considered a career as a news reporter. But Aisha you're a journalism major, right? Yes but there was never a plan to become a reporter. After all everyone knows it's a path you pursue for the love of it, not the great pay. And trust me the pay is not the reason I accepted this job. Not at all.

I began the journey one year ago and noticed that now when I hear people say "{insert negative adjective here} media" a defensive reflex comes up in me. Don't get me wrong I don't play into the mass media pandemonium but I don't want to lump the great reporters who are upholding the standards of excellent journalism in with that crowd.

In any event my infinite curiosity, concern for communities and inability to sit still mean I'm a good candidate for this. Who knew that random combination would pay off? I have a beat to work, stories to develop and relationships to build with sources. This is the next step along the way and I'm both nervous and excited. I look forward to digging in, researching and growing.

Maybe I'll even make a difference. Looking up and ahead.
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