20 March 2014

when there aren't any more words

A person's heart, their emotions, their trust is a precious commodity. It takes time to for something even greater to come out of those connections and relationships.

It is personally imperative to value those who are willing and brave enough to trust me- the ones who extend an invitation into their circle, their world. That kindness is no small thing. I am humbled by the opportunity afforded to be allowed in another's world.

But sometimes, unfortunately more than should be, I'm selfish and can't see beyond the two feet in front of me and I forget to show the proper appreciation for those who are important to me. I say the wrong things carelessly without considering how it may affect them. It seems I'm always apologizing.

I wish to show the sincerity, the genuine affection I have for the ones I hold dear. I don't mean to harm yet there are moments of arrogance when only considering myself, I leave no room to see them, their feelings or think of their investments.

I cannot apologize enough. I have no excuses for my behavior. I understand if I've exhausted forgiveness. However, I do have a request for those willing to allow me to continue to carry their trust.

Please accept my gratitude for your kindness and your patience. Know that when I'm not so busy staring into my navel I can see your brilliance, your value, your concern. It is my hope to add great joy, fun, humor and strength into your life, not to be a drain or a burden. I often miss the mark but I am willing to change and grow.

I appreciate you.
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