08 September 2005

"Sooner or Later"

Michael Tolcher - I Am (2004) Rock/ Pop
Similar Artists: Howie Day, Gavin DeGraw

For those of you who legally download music; head over to itunes to pick up this week's free single: "Sooner or Later" by Michael Tolcher. It's a great song to get an idea for the disc. My personal faves are:

#3 "No One Above"
#4 "The Sun Song"
#10 "Miracle"
#11 "Kings in Castles"
#12 "Waiting"

Yeah I know it's half the CD right here but I like it that much. Of course the first time I heard all of these, it was a live performance and that makes a difference. If you get a chance to see him live, go for it! There's lots of energy and the band is very talented and they are all nice and down to earth. Have a musical day.
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