21 September 2005

Promises, promises

We've ALL said or been on the receiving end of two very dangerous words in one distinct phrase: I promise.

There is no better feeling than when someone uses this phrase and comes through and fulfills their obligation. This is especially true when it is for something you did not ask for but someone knew you wanted it so they decided to make this happen for you. There is also a great feeling of satisfaction and completion when you can keep a promise you have made. For me seeing the joy that comes to someone else in these situations is ....well I honestly can't find words.

Oh but when you can't come through. As for me I feel like the worst person ever. My integrity takes a blow and people wonder whether or not I can truly be trusted. Who wants that dark cloud hanging over their head? Often remembering the faces of others when I have had to break a promise in the past keeps me from doing now. After all I'm supposed to be older and wiser and know better, right? WRONG!

Well I haven't broken any promises as of late (I've been sticking to foot in mouth) but they have been crumbling around me. I try not to get pumped up about anything, really because like most I hate being let down. Recently, however, I was told about a position at work (not Starbucks) that would place me back in my field and double my pay. It was working on a project that I dreamed of working on. After some months of runaround the position was given to someone who is considering leaving the company now.

I have now been offered another job. "I promise that since the last one fell through I am personally going to make sure that this happens for you. After all Aisha I truly believe in your drive, determination and ability." He's trying to get on my good side, can you tell? This is the same guy that promised me the other position, "Well, hell since you already work for the company and have some experience it only makes since. I promise you that this company is always looking for young talent."

To borrow: "Let your yes be yes and your no be no...", Trust me you will save both yourself and your hearers.

** Chris I feel your pain my friend. **
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